My day has been spent in bed watching TV on the internet and moaning about the fact that I have sinusitis (head cold… sinusitis sounds so much worse so I get more sympathy. Also I have a bit of a fever!)

On the plus side, I have been watching The Newsroom and thoroughly enjoying it!

03/09/2013: FOTD



Ok, so today has mainly been a reading day to prepare for tomorrow, so I got distracted by makeup!


Products used:


I didn’t really use much on my face, as I couldn’t be bothered and my skin was looking pretty good! I added some Soap and Glory kick ass concealer in light under my eyes using an ecotools concealer brush. I love the ecotools brushes, and have most of them – they are so soft and very good value. I still can’t decide if the Soap and Glory concealer is better than the Collection lasting perfection, but the more peachy colour correcting side suits my skin slightly better. I enhanced my skin with the Bourjois Bronzing Primerwhich is one of my new favourites. I love the finish and it smells divine. I used Bourjois Healthy Balance powder (depotted into the vintage compact) to set.


I patted some Bourjois Cream Blush in 02 Healthy glow on my cheekbones and set it with the coral side of Sleek’s blush by 3 in Lace. I kept a light hand, as I didn’t want to look overdone for a day look. I am in love with the Bourjois cream blush – the texture is perfect and not too sticky and I think that the colour is really flattering.


Simply, I used Rimmel scandaleyes shadow stick in bulletproof beige to prime my lids and blended it out with an Ecotools eyeshaddow blending brush. I set it with the lighter colour from my current favourite eyeshadow duo – Estee Lauder Pure Colour in 12 Raisins, and the darker plum colour through the crease. I love the packaging so much and the colours really set off my green eyes (you can’t tell in the picture below). I finished this with Clinique lash power mascara on the lower lashes and No7 Extreme length mascara on the top. I chose these because they don’t give that much extra volume, giving a more natural and relaxed look to the eyes. Finally, I put Rimmel Scandal eyes waterproof Kohl liner in nude on my waterline to cancel out any redness. I considered a black/brown gel, but couldn’t be bothered for a daytime look! I finished off my brows with a touch of Rimmel pro eyebrow pencil in 01 dark brown to neaten my brows and fill in the odd gap.


Finally, I worked Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 01 Red Sunrise onto my lips using a lip brush. This isn’t really necessary, but I like the more stained, worked-in look, and this is the easiest way to achieve it. I enjoy the colours of these products and they may be slightly more long lasting than their Revlon counterparts, but, in my opinion, the colour range is no where near as good. If I were you, I would choose by colour, not brand in this case.

Here is a rubbish webcam shot of the finished product:


Excuse my sunburnt nose, poor lighting and bad camera!



Just a quick update for the not-so-daily daily blog!

Wednesday – lots of cooking curry for the new cluster and housemates. More to come

Thurs-Sun – DAVID’S TENT 24/3 worship festival. This was one of the best weekends of my life, and I feel that you will be hearing more about it over the next few weeks. It will definitely take me a while to fully process the experience, although I feel that this picture that I took of my friend, Judith, sums it up nicely for now:Image

Apologies for the poor quality, the lightning was very bad and picture taking was not the highest on my priorities! If I become inclined, I may edit it to make it better, but for now, this one will do!

Essentially, I felt the core of what God was saying to me was reaffirming the fact that he doesn’t see me as broken, but as a whole person who is willing to “get messy” for him! Again, more on this!

Tuesday – Intense meeting with my supervisor has opened up my eyes to the amount of work that I will have to do! Thankfully, this brought on motivation for now, rather than panic! I am starting to get a better grip on what I feel that I should be doing, although there are still a number of unknowns.

Also, finally managed to have the first dinner with the whole house!


Again needs cropping, but will do for now!



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Blogging resolve is going the same way as my literature search motivation… apologies! I took a photo on the Sunday showing a rather pleasant dinner with some of my other housemates that had just moved in (plus sig. other). However the fact that I didn’t really achieve anything  on that day and the fact that I barely slept soured the memory.Image

The next day was primarily taken up with impromptu 15min naps while finishing Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty.” I had high hopes for the novel, and although it was beautifully written with fantastic characterisation, I didn’t particularly bond with any of the characters, making it hard work to enjoy. Nevertheless, the themes it explored, though fantastically depressing, were very real and insightful. I found the ending *I hope no spoilers* disappointingly abrupt and similar to “White Teeth”. Overall, I think I preferred “White Teeth” as I found that the long time period spanned by the book allowed for insightful and interesting progression in the development of the characters. Nevertheless, both books had a fairly similar style – the characters were all very real and well developed, but not particularly likeable; they both explored the family dynamic in post-colonial, multi-race families. In essence, if you are a fan of realism, I would recommend. If not, try another author to initiate you into more “highbrow” “booker-prize-style” fiction.

Today has been lovely. I went for a walk while talking to my Dad about significance and prominence; life, the universe and God – yes, these light-hearted topics are the usual backbone of our conversations! I will probably be processing some of these thoughts for a while, but hope to write about some of these developing ideas soon…

After lunch, I started a new book – “Looking for Alaska” by John Green (the same author as the aforementioned “The Fault in our Stars”) and this quote struck me:


(PS thanks to for the bookmark and cheap book via Amazon marketplace)

Alaska, the narrator’s love interest/obsession notes the difference between enjoying smoking and actively engaging in self-destructive behavior. While I am a non-smoker and drink as little as possible, the way that the characters approach the same passtime with different ideals intrigued me… Hopefully review to come?

I think that I will make myself some tea and read more of my book. While I have made a dent into the digital pile of papers I should read, I am still lacking motivation. Maybe I should set a timer to half my time between the two?

Sounds wise… lets see!




I was looking at my photos for the day, but none of them were really satisfactory. The snap of Sarah walking up the quietly beautiful leafy road in Sheffield looked underwhelming at best on screen and dinner, though delicious and eaten in great company, was not well presented and thus, any pictures thereof would appear like a heap of unappealing vegetable vomit on a plate! (ifuwntrcp) follow me on twittttttttaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, lunch was lazy and spent with friends, but remarkable only in company and had no aesthetically pleasing angles that lent themselves to capturing the moment. A delightful Skype session with a friend was followed by story time with Sarah on the couch, which left me in a pensive mood, staring out of my window considering life, mortality and futility. Gazing out over the street, the leaves rustled and a cool breeze cooled my tea. It struck me, not for the first time, how odd it was that there were people living just across my street having lives at least as full and complex as mine but I would never know. Most of the world would never know.

Does it matter that most of us will never be remembered? Are those that are better than the rest of us; why them and not someone else? Who even really cares?

So, I write this, sitting in my bed with freshly laundered sheets feeling embarrassed about the overly sentimental post, but wanting to preserve my thoughts, in case I get an answer one day.




So lectures started today, and it all feels a bit more real. I feel a bit more clear about what will be required. In short, it is still a bit intimidating but feels manageable. Motivation is growing, but not quite up to where it should be!

My housemate and I decided to read The Fault in our Stars together, which is lovely. We are reading a chapter aloud to each other in the evening, which is so much nicer than watching a film or TV. It is so relaxing and it is also nice to have someone discuss the book with – it is such a thought provoking read and it is great being able to process it together. We haven’t had any tears yet, but both of us have been welling up, and we’re not even half way through the book!Image

In other news, I went to Boxercise (basically intense circuit training) with Jess and felt like I was going to die. I don’t feel like there is anything more to say on that note, although there was a part of me that enjoyed the slightly sick feeling I was getting, even though I didn’t manage all the stations… I am so unfit!!!

Book Review – City of Bones by Cassandra Clare


I don’t know if this review post section will be regular, but I want to briefly express my love for the first part of “The Mortal Instruments” in a non-spoiler-ey way! I finished it about 30 mins ago and I felt the need to calm down from the resolved-but-leaving-a-cliffhanger ending that sent me running to the Amazon used and new section! Overall I found that the world created by Cassandra Clare was rich and consistent, giving it a realness that some fantasy novels lack. Set in the near future (or present… this delightful ambiguity adds to my intrigue), the story is set in a very tangible world and the characters have an unusual reality about them. I found myself likening the characters to people that I knew, although the protagonist was slightly “mary-sue,” if you will forgive my illusion to my past fanfiction experiences!

Nevertheless, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fantasy novel that does not require too much brainpower but is still incredibly engaging.

Enjoy. PS. The Fault in our Stars arrived in the post today, and I can’t wait to read it!!!