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Blogging resolve is going the same way as my literature search motivation… apologies! I took a photo on the Sunday showing a rather pleasant dinner with some of my other housemates that had just moved in (plus sig. other). However the fact that I didn’t really achieve anything  on that day and the fact that I barely slept soured the memory.Image

The next day was primarily taken up with impromptu 15min naps while finishing Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty.” I had high hopes for the novel, and although it was beautifully written with fantastic characterisation, I didn’t particularly bond with any of the characters, making it hard work to enjoy. Nevertheless, the themes it explored, though fantastically depressing, were very real and insightful. I found the ending *I hope no spoilers* disappointingly abrupt and similar to “White Teeth”. Overall, I think I preferred “White Teeth” as I found that the long time period spanned by the book allowed for insightful and interesting progression in the development of the characters. Nevertheless, both books had a fairly similar style – the characters were all very real and well developed, but not particularly likeable; they both explored the family dynamic in post-colonial, multi-race families. In essence, if you are a fan of realism, I would recommend. If not, try another author to initiate you into more “highbrow” “booker-prize-style” fiction.

Today has been lovely. I went for a walk while talking to my Dad about significance and prominence; life, the universe and God – yes, these light-hearted topics are the usual backbone of our conversations! I will probably be processing some of these thoughts for a while, but hope to write about some of these developing ideas soon…

After lunch, I started a new book – “Looking for Alaska” by John Green (the same author as the aforementioned “The Fault in our Stars”) and this quote struck me:


(PS thanks to bookdepository.com for the bookmark and cheap book via Amazon marketplace)

Alaska, the narrator’s love interest/obsession notes the difference between enjoying smoking and actively engaging in self-destructive behavior. While I am a non-smoker and drink as little as possible, the way that the characters approach the same passtime with different ideals intrigued me… Hopefully review to come?

I think that I will make myself some tea and read more of my book. While I have made a dent into the digital pile of papers I should read, I am still lacking motivation. Maybe I should set a timer to half my time between the two?

Sounds wise… lets see!