I don’t know if this review post section will be regular, but I want to briefly express my love for the first part of “The Mortal Instruments” in a non-spoiler-ey way! I finished it about 30 mins ago and I felt the need to calm down from the resolved-but-leaving-a-cliffhanger ending that sent me running to the Amazon used and new section! Overall I found that the world created by Cassandra Clare was rich and consistent, giving it a realness that some fantasy novels lack. Set in the near future (or present… this delightful ambiguity adds to my intrigue), the story is set in a very tangible world and the characters have an unusual reality about them. I found myself likening the characters to people that I knew, although the protagonist was slightly “mary-sue,” if you will forgive my illusion to my past fanfiction experiences!

Nevertheless, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fantasy novel that does not require too much brainpower but is still incredibly engaging.

Enjoy. PS. The Fault in our Stars arrived in the post today, and I can’t wait to read it!!!