So lectures started today, and it all feels a bit more real. I feel a bit more clear about what will be required. In short, it is still a bit intimidating but feels manageable. Motivation is growing, but not quite up to where it should be!

My housemate and I decided to read The Fault in our Stars together, which is lovely. We are reading a chapter aloud to each other in the evening, which is so much nicer than watching a film or TV. It is so relaxing and it is also nice to have someone discuss the book with – it is such a thought provoking read and it is great being able to process it together. We haven’t had any tears yet, but both of us have been welling up, and we’re not even half way through the book!Image

In other news, I went to Boxercise (basically intense circuit training) with Jess and felt like I was going to die. I don’t feel like there is anything more to say on that note, although there was a part of me that enjoyed the slightly sick feeling I was getting, even though I didn’t manage all the stations… I am so unfit!!!