Just a quick update for the not-so-daily daily blog!

Wednesday – lots of cooking curry for the new cluster and housemates. More to come

Thurs-Sun – DAVID’S TENT 24/3 worship festival. This was one of the best weekends of my life, and I feel that you will be hearing more about it over the next few weeks. It will definitely take me a while to fully process the experience, although I feel that this picture that I took of my friend, Judith, sums it up nicely for now:Image

Apologies for the poor quality, the lightning was very bad and picture taking was not the highest on my priorities! If I become inclined, I may edit it to make it better, but for now, this one will do!

Essentially, I felt the core of what God was saying to me was reaffirming the fact that he doesn’t see me as broken, but as a whole person who is willing to “get messy” for him! Again, more on this!

Tuesday – Intense meeting with my supervisor has opened up my eyes to the amount of work that I will have to do! Thankfully, this brought on motivation for now, rather than panic! I am starting to get a better grip on what I feel that I should be doing, although there are still a number of unknowns.

Also, finally managed to have the first dinner with the whole house!


Again needs cropping, but will do for now!