Just a couple of snaps with dinner – today has been uneventful, mainly avoiding starting to read research papers by making a sizable dent into City of Bones! Dinner was mushroom and blue cheese risotto with my housemate Sarah and Jess and was delicious!

I start introductory lectures to the BMedSci project tomorrow, and I’m feeling a bit apprehensive. As implied, motivation has been hard to come by recently!


19/8/13 – Chilling, reading



OK, so not a great photo, but a photo nevertheless, which is a start! I had a migraine at the weekend and wasn’t really in the position to blog (extreme photosensitivity).

This is just a snap of me and my housemate (you can see her feet!) chilling out, reading. I picked up City of Bones by Cassandra Clarke today after taking my broken phone to the shop to get fixed. It is looking like a good fun fantasy novel so far, which is what I fancied!

Starting Out


My initial idea for this blog was to post a photo daily during this academic year and, if I fancied it, write about whatever came to mind that day. However, I have just got back to Sheffield to find that my house has no bathroom and is full of builders, plumbers and other paraphernalia! Adding to the chaos in my life, my phone is out of action, so I have no way of starting with a picture, but, nevertheless, as I felt inspired, I will open with a text post.

I am Rosie, and this the year that I get better.

My past year, though having enjoyable times and by no means being classed as ‘bad,’ was difficult. After being inspired by another friend’s project to take a daily photo for a year and post it to facebook, I decided that starting this blog would be a good way for me to reflect on the positive aspects of my life. Also, having a year off my conventional Medical degree (age 22, just finished 3yrs worth of Med school in Sheffield and spending my 4th year doing a BMedSci research project) means spending time doing something slightly different, giving a great opportunity to explore the meaning of life, God and other (less intense) fun things!

I wonder what 2013/14 will have in store for me…